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純淨  活氧水龍頭


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簡易 安裝 不需更換整組水龍頭

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Model:   Pure Clean

Machine size:19 x 27 x 7 cm

Oxygenated water machine weight:  940 grams, can be installed by yourself, easy to install, 

Oxygenated water: For immediate use.

Wall Mount, Voltage: 110V AC, 60Hz

Power consumption: 12W 

CE, RoHs certified


Ozoned water efficacy:   Cleaning, sterilizing, no chemical residues.

Ozone reverts to O2 at room temperature

No need to add chemicals at all, no secondary pollution.

The installation is simple and only takes 3 minutes,   does not need to replace the entire set of faucets.

1,   "Remove the original faucet trash filter".
2,     connect to "Pure Special Ozone Water Generator".
3,   put on the food grade hose to connect the ozone water machine and the special ozone water generator,

      The installation is complete.  

International Ozone Industry Hygiene Standard:

1982 / Bottled water started to use ozone sterilization

1984 / All Olympic swimming pools are treated with ozone

2001 / FDA approved, ozone can come into contact with food as a microbial inhibitor.

Shenchang PURE CLEAN  pure  Ozone water purification sterilization and detoxification machine,It is ready to use, just turn on the faucet and it is Gaohan Oxygenated Water. No need to add high temperature and high heat, no qualitative change, no chemical additives, the best low temperature sterilization and bacteriostatic agent.


Oxygenated water life application:

Oxygenated water can be used for sterilization and disinfection of women's and children's milk bottles, toys, underwear, diapers, wraps, etc. It is a natural and non-polluting powerful sterilizer. It is also antibacterial for modern medical safety and food hygiene, and has been approved by the US FDA.


Oxygenated water can be used to clean fruits and vegetables, seafood, and meat for sterilization and disinfection, so as to achieve the effect of anti-corrosion preservation and removal of peculiar smell. At the same time, it has the function of degrading the residual phosphorus-containing pesticides on the surface of fruits and vegetables.


The use of active oxygen water can clean the skin, brush teeth quickly, maintain beauty, and reduce the irritation of cosmetics to the skin. Oxygenated water can also be used to wash your hair, which can remove dirt from the pores of the hair and reduce hair loss..

Industrial application:

In terms of food production, sterilization of food raw materials on the surface of objects, and degradation of some pesticide residues, active oxygen has incomparable advantages over general sterilants. High standards of no microbial contamination and no residual chemical contamination.

The use of ozone water in the food industry

Sterilization of food raw materials, sashimi, lettuce, radish puree, pickles, gherkins, pesticide residue degradation aquatic products, meat products, sterilization of fruits and vegetables.

Be applicable:

Utensil cleaning and disinfection, vegetable and fruit cleaning,   pesticide degradation, washing children's bottles, toys and supplies, tableware, cleaning rags, hand washing, vegetable and fruit cleaning, skin care and beauty, tooth brushing and mouthwash.  

Cost-effective, Degradation of some pesticide residues, Removal of residual chlorine, Antibacterial

For sterilizing cleaning, vegetables, drilling plates, tableware,  .

The active oxygen water of science and technology is reduced to pure water with high oxygen content at room temperature,

No chemicals, no secondary pollution.

How can ozone achieve the effect of sterilization?
The sterilization power of ozone is 3000 times that of chlorine, and the disinfection power is 30 times that of cresol stock solution.
Bacteria are mainly composed of protein, RNA, and DNA, and are composed of polysaccharides, proteins, and lipids. Viruses are made up of proteins, RNA, and DNA. In order to kill and inactivate bacteria or viruses, their components must be damaged or destroyed or decomposed. Ozone can penetrate bacteria or viruses, turning them into enzymes. Substances such as RNA and lysate will be decomposed, and DNA will be destroyed after damage.

Standard accessories:  
Pure PURE CLEAN oxygenated water machine X1, dedicated oxygenated water mixer X1.

Food grade hose X 2 meters. Wall Mounting Accessory Set x 1.


After-sale service:
The use of this product, non-physical and man-made damage, the whole machine is guaranteed for one year

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